Strategic Focus

We specialize in the development of sophisticated digital marketing campaigns. We have a three step process that has consistently proven to deliver strong results. From concept to strategy, through launch and monetization, we assist businesses with operational expertise and best practices in order to achieve optimal results.


We work with you & your team to bring your concepts to light!


Time is Money: We work with you & your team to define timelines and goals!


Diamante wants to help your business shine + assist you in positioning your business for success!

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Our Eclectic Team

Dreamers and doers make for truly unique innovators. We are proud of our truly eclectic team and our goal is to complement your business’ vision for products, marketing, design and programming. Our team has held VP and C-level positions in various industries with specialties in a unique variety of disciplines. We look forward to learning more about your business and teaming up to execute strategic objectives!

Co-Founder and content consultant, Ryan Spilborghs is part of AT&T SportsNet’s Emmy winning team. Ryan is also an on-air personality for MLB Network Radio. Ryan has lived the dream of playing professional baseball for 13 years. In 2007 Ryan was part of the Colorado Rockies first National League Pennant winning team and faced the Red Sox in the World Series. Ryan contributed to the Rockies in a variety of ways including the team’s first ever walk off grand slam in 2009 In the bottom of the 14th inning vs. the San Francisco Giants, Ryan hit a line drive home run that flew out quickly, Ryan circled the bases nearly as quickly as he sprinted around the bags to greet his excited teammates at home plate.

Today, Ryan gets excited about speaking to professional athletes, artists and entrepreneurs and finding out what makes them tick. We believe the formula for success is similar for success in all walks of life. Ryan’s original concept for Sweat Equity Programming has evolved into the soon to launch Sweat Equity Network.

“We look forward to showing the path and the process of some of your favorite professional athletes, artists and entrepreneurs with Sweat Equity Network programming,” said Spilborghs.

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Antone Biondo has been an entrepreneur and innovator in marketing and business development for nearly two decades. Antone shared the dream of many aspiring to compete at the Major League level, playing, NCAA Baseball for two competitive programs, injuries ended his hopes of playing at a higher level. Having been a successful business founder and having served in various executive and C-level roles, Antone knows full well what earning through Sweat Equity is all about! The goal of our organization, through integrating software and Diamante Content Distribution Platform (CDP) is to exhibit the power of the combination of real infotainment programming, media distribution, influencer marketing, and monetization. We want to assist the businesses we serve multiply their business opportunities and prosper!

Our Consultants have decades of experience managing businesses and creating monetized results. We would love to help write a new chapter in your book of success. Marketing in today's business environment can be challenging, understanding the complexities of digital marketing is difficult! We have drawn expertise from a truly eclectic group of experts in order to be a strong asset to your business.

Every business wants the best return on their marketing dollar. With our consultative approach, we analyze and define strategic initiatives to align with your company vision. With comprehensive data insight, we assist you in selecting the best strategy to bring new opportunities into focus.

We look to collaborate with your vision to create unique, eclectic and engaging media to ensure you hit all the right notes with your audience.


Merriam-Webster Definition Eclectic adj.
1: composed of elements drawn from various sources; also: HETROGENEOUS
2: selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or styles

Oxford Living Dictionaries Eclectic adj.
1.   Deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. ‘her musical tastes are eclectic’
2.   PHILOSOPHY of, denoting, or belonging to a class of ancient philosophers who did not belong to or found any recognized school of thought but selected such doctrines as they wished from various schools.

Late 17th century (as a term in philosophy): from Greek eklektikos, from eklegein ‘pick out’, from ek ‘out’ + legein ‘choose’